August 4, 2015

Reducing Complexity in Healthcare IT 11:00  -  12:00 Reducing Complexity in Healthcare IT Conference Room

Reducing Complexity in Healthcare IT

Mergers and acquisitions of health systems have increased nearly every year over the past 8 years.  The market is driving us in this direction – standardizing care, creating economies of scale to counterbalance reduced margins, and increasing the size of risk pools as healthcare providers continue moving towards value based care contracts. As a result of continues acquisitions and mergers, the complexity in healthcare IT continues to increase.  Costs continue to go up.  Responsiveness and speed lag.  And, security breaches are becoming daily events.

The collective knowledge we have built over the past decade in implementation, optimization, and conversion projects lend itself well to managing and reducing this complexity.  Leveraging that knowledge, we’ll share how Galen has assisted health systems improve IT responsiveness, reduce costs, and increase security using a unique, field-tested approach of application portfolio management.

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