Robert Downey

Robert Downey

Director, Product Development

Robert has been with Galen since 2008 at and is responsible for all product development from a technical and strategic viewpoint. He is an expert in healthcare IT and software development, as well as cloud based solutions delivery.

Robert was initially hired to architect and implement Galen’s business continuity solution, VitalCenter. The success of VitalCenter led Galen to develop several other popular products, including our integrated health calculator product – eCalcs, an Allscripts v11 note reporting solution, and our remote patient monitoring and engagement tool – Dragonfly. As Galen’s software development efforts became a larger part of Galen’s business, the software development team dramatically expanded and Robert became Director. Starting in 2014, Galen entered into a close partnership with the industry leading care coordination platform provider – PinpointCare, for which Robert served as the primary software architect.

Prior to joining Galen, Robert was the Chief Software Architect at a company he co-founded, Four Score Technologies, which developed mobile commerce and web-based advertising platforms. He has a B.S. in Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology.


August 3, 2015
Connected Care – Unlock the value of data
Conference Room
15:00  -  16:00